il7togpiMore and more businesses today are relying on video conferencing to handle meetings – and it’s no surprise. Video conferences are the most effective communication tool available to modern businesses. Although telephone conferences and group emails have their place in the business world, they simply do not achieve the same things that a video conference can.

Bring Everyone onto the Same Page

Where audio conferencing and reply all email chains can become confusing, video conferencing provides clarity. You will often find that on conference bridges, people will accidentally speak over each other because there is no visual cue to let them know that someone else is preparing to speak. When you can clearly see everyone who is participating in the meeting, you can create a more orderly environment.

Large group emails can create even more confusion, with people who do not reply to the most recent email, people who accidentally forget the reply all, and large amounts of people providing the exact same information simultaneously because there is no way to see what the other members are typing.

Body Language Cues

The tone of what is being said is extremely difficult to communicate through a business email. While it is a bit easier over the phone, it is still relatively difficult to ascertain the tone of the speaker without body language cues.

With video conferencing, you can see the speaker’s posture and overall demeanor, making it easier to put their words in context and formulate an appropriate response.

No Need to Travel

Traveling to meetings can be expensive, time-consuming, and stressful. Video conferencing makes business more efficient by allowing you to remote into meetings anywhere in the world without ever having to board a plane.  This will allow you to execute your business strategies more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

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