man-736846_960_720Videotape depositions are used in court proceedings for many different reasons. Although it is not always necessary, they can be of great help to attorneys when it comes to strengthening a case. In this short guide, we will go over some of the reasons why videotape depositions are important in court.


Sometimes a witness will alter their story between the deposition and the trial. Although a written transcript of the deposition is always available for use, seeing the witness contradict themselves on tape has a bigger impact on the jury. These video clips that show the witness altering their story are called ‘impeachment clips’ and can be very useful during witness testimony at the trial.

Saving Money

When you need an expert witness – a person who is not necessarily involved with the case but who has knowledge and experience within a particular field of study that is relevant to the case – having their deposition taped rather than having them travel to be in court saves time and money. It’s a way for them to be at the trial without actually needing to be present.

Helpful to Legal Staff

There is also the chance that some legal staff cannot attend a deposition, so having a videotape helps them more effectively analyze witness testimony. Written transcripts do not offer them the ability to scrutinize body language or any other visual indicators.

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