Business_People_TransparentPark Ave Deposition Service has been providing deposition services in Los Angeles, CA and the rest of southern California since 1972. Our family owned court reporting agency provides conference rooms, video conferencing, interpretation services, audio transcription, conference call depositions, videographers, and court reporters for depositions and hearings. Our services are personalized to suit your needs, and we handle all of the details.

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Park Avenue Deposition Service is unique in that we offer video conferencing for depositions and other legal proceedings to save you the expense of having to travel to court. Our video conferencing includes document sharing, high-quality audio, comfortable environments, as well as a video recording of the conference. We handle all of the details to help you manage attorney travel time and cost, provide interpretation services and audio transcriptions, as well as provide experienced and certified court reporters for any legal proceeding. For more information about our services, and to schedule a conference call deposition with us, visit, today.