A court reporter is an important player in any court proceedings. Their job is to make a verbatim recording of everything that happens and is said in court. Because this is such a difficult job, you can’t just hire any court reporter. Here are five qualities you should look for when hiring a reporter from a court reporting firm in Ontario, CA.


A court reporter needs to be able to follow proceedings with extreme accuracy. The ability to block out distractions while working is the most crucial part of the job.


Creating a dependable record of court proceedings requires good organization skills. Filing documents accurately and keeping the workspace tidy are essential to making sure that no important documents are lost or misarranged. When contacting a court reporting firm in Ontario, CA, pay attention to how organized the employees seem outside of court proceedings. It will give you an idea of what they are like on the job.


The ability to remain cool and collected despite the high emotional charge in the room around them is a valuable quality in a court reporter. If they allow the proceedings to get under their skin, their accuracy will suffer.


Not all court proceedings take place during normal business hours, and a court reporter may also be required to show up at various different locations. A court reporter needs to have flexibility in their schedule in order to handle the variety of work that they do.


Promptness is a valuable quality in any employee, but for court reporters especially. The position of court reporter is an important one, so the courtroom proceedings cannot start without them. The last thing anyone wants is to delay proceedings because their court reporter showed up late.

A court reporting firm will hire court reporters who they think embody these qualities. It is very rare that an agency of any merit will hire someone who is not capable of the work. Still, upon meeting with your court reporter, you should be able to determine whether or not they possess these qualities before you begin working with them.

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