Videography Videographer Service CaliforniaA deposition can be stressful for witnesses, and they often wonder how they should prepare for them – especially if they are going to be on camera. You should prepare for your video deposition in Los Angeles, CA the same way that you would prepare for a written one: by going over the details and making sure you are prepared to give accurate and truthful testimony. However, there are some issues unique to videotape depositions that you should prep for.


You’re going to want to avoid clothing that is distracting. During a trial, the jury should be focusing on what you are saying, and not on your outfit. Avoid bright colors like red, white, or anything fluorescent. You also want to avoid a busy pattern like small check or herringbone, or floral.

You should also be careful in the accessories you choose. Necklaces and dangly earrings can interfere with your microphone, and can also be distracting to those watching. You want to appear normal and credible on camera.

Posture and Body Language

It is important to have good posture, and avoid excessive fidgeting during your deposition. You should also avoid rolling around, spinning, or rocking in your chair. These actions can make you seem insincere on camera. You can shift position once in a while to keep yourself comfortable, but it is important to come across as both personable and normal.

In order to keep a normal-looking appearance, avoid looking directly into the camera. It can come across as fake to viewers. Instead, look at the person who is interviewing you.

Mind Your Mic

It is important to be aware that you are wearing a microphone. Don’t whisper anything under your breath, or make any unnecessary noise like clicking a pen or crumpling paper.