ergrtyhA video deposition is an incredibly useful tool for attorneys during a trial. Although a written deposition will always be needed, there are many practical benefits to having the deposition in San Bernardino, CA on videotape as well. In this guide we will go over the three main ways that a video deposition is used during a trial.

Absent Witness

If a witness is unable to appear in court for any reason, their video deposition may be used in lieu of live testimony. In this case, any objections or overruled questions will be edited out so that the tape is easy to understand and only includes necessary footage.


Sometimes a witness may change their story between the deposition and their appearance on the stand during trial. In this case, the opposing attorneys can use clips from their deposition to challenge the credibility of the witness or catch them in a lie. Although a written deposition is always done, using the video has a bigger impact on the jury because they can physically see the person changing their testimony.

Too Many Witnesses

In some cases, a large amount of witnesses are needed for a trial. A judge may decide to use video depositions in lieu of live testimony for a portion of those witnesses purely to save time.

A video deposition may be used for one or all of these reasons during a trial. Their main purpose, however, is lending more weight to the written deposition and providing attorneys with a powerful resource in court.