Depositions are an important part of the legal process. A deposition is a testimony taken under oath that is taken outside of a courtroom for discovery purposes. Depositions can be used to gather information about a case and the testimony gained during a deposition may be admissible in court during litigation.

A clear, accurate transcript is essential when taking a deposition. You will want your witness testimony to be accurately preserved for use in the trial, and you will want to be sure that all important information is carefully recorded. This is especially important when you are dealing with an expert witness, as the details they share are often the backbone of a case.

Why Body Language is Important

In order to obtain the most readable, accurate transcript possible, attorneys and court reporters need to work together – especially when it comes to body language. Often, a witness may say something that sounds a certain way in the transcript, but their body language may tell a different story. Court reporters will not record body language, only what is being said, but there are ways to make sure that important body language cues are recorded in the transcript.

Verbalize the Non-Verbal

Non-verbal communication is important for an accurate deposition. Putting the witness’ body language in the context of what they are actually saying can drastically change the tone of the statement. When observing the body language of the witness, make sure that you verbalize it so that it will appear on the record. Use phrases like “Let the record show that . . .” followed by the body language that the witness is exhibiting.

Get it on Video

In addition to utilizing the skills of a court reporter for your deposition, you can also hire a legal videographer to capture the deposition on film. In certain cases, the footage can be shown in court, which will allow the judge and jury to view the witness’ body language.

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