How Do Depositions Work?


A deposition is probably the most important tool for attorneys as they prepare to go to trial. In the time leading up to a trail, both the prosecution and the defense will gather their witnesses. Then, they conduct depositions for each witness before the trial begins. This is to avoid any surprises when the case finally does go to trial. What Happens During a Deposition? If you’ve ever seen a witness being questioned on the stand in court, then you have a basic idea of how depositions work. Depositions take place in an attorney’s office, where a witness is interviewed about [...]

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The Importance of Audio Transcription to Court Proceedings


Accuracy and thoroughness are the highest priority in any court proceedings to ensure that our justice system is functioning properly. A person’s entire future could be hanging in the balance, so all evidence and testimony has to be presented as clearly as possible. That’s where audio transcription becomes so important. Without it, some important information can fall through the cracks. Provides an Accurate Record Court proceedings are often very long, with large volumes of information being dispensed all at once. Sometimes these proceedings are captured in an audio recording, but it can still be difficult to process all of the information [...]

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How Video Conferencing Improves Business


The face of business is changing as we gain access to a more global marketplace. The main issue is that traveling to meetings in other states or countries is time consuming and expensive. The good news is that technology is also rapidly expanding to accommodate the needs of businesses everywhere. With video conferencing in San Bernardino, CA – or anywhere in the world, communication has never been easier. Save Time While attending meetings in person has its benefits, traveling takes time. Booking flights, accommodations, and meeting locations abroad takes valuable time from your day – time you don’t necessarily have to [...]

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Take Your Conference Anywhere in the World with Park Avenue Deposition Service


The world is shrinking. It is becoming increasingly necessary for businesses to communicate with associates across the US, and across the globe as their networks continually expand. In this new world of global networks, one tool that is making this networking simple and efficient is the video conference. Video conferencing allows people to conduct meetings in different parts of the world simultaneously, saving time and travel expense. Park Avenue Deposition Service has one of the largest coverage areas in the world, with conference rooms all over California, as well as some locations in Florida, Ohio, Texas, and Washington. Our video conferencing [...]

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How Should Witnesses Prepare for a Video Deposition?


A deposition can be stressful for witnesses, and they often wonder how they should prepare for them – especially if they are going to be on camera. You should prepare for your video deposition in Los Angeles, CA the same way that you would prepare for a written one: by going over the details and making sure you are prepared to give accurate and truthful testimony. However, there are some issues unique to videotape depositions that you should prep for. Clothing You’re going to want to avoid clothing that is distracting. During a trial, the jury should be focusing on what [...]

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How is a Video Deposition Used in Trial?


A video deposition is an incredibly useful tool for attorneys during a trial. Although a written deposition will always be needed, there are many practical benefits to having the deposition in San Bernardino, CA on videotape as well. In this guide we will go over the three main ways that a video deposition is used during a trial. Absent Witness If a witness is unable to appear in court for any reason, their video deposition may be used in lieu of live testimony. In this case, any objections or overruled questions will be edited out so that the tape is easy [...]

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