Why are Videotape Depositions Useful?


Videotape depositions are used in court proceedings for many different reasons. Although it is not always necessary, they can be of great help to attorneys when it comes to strengthening a case. In this short guide, we will go over some of the reasons why videotape depositions are important in court. Impeachment Sometimes a witness will alter their story between the deposition and the trial. Although a written transcript of the deposition is always available for use, seeing the witness contradict themselves on tape has a bigger impact on the jury. These video clips that show the witness altering their story [...]

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Park Ave Deposition Service has been providing deposition services in Los Angeles, CA and the rest of southern California since 1972. Our family owned court reporting agency provides conference rooms, video conferencing, interpretation services, audio transcription, conference call depositions, videographers, and court reporters for depositions and hearings. Our services are personalized to suit your needs, and we handle all of the details. In this blog, we will discuss a variety of topics relating to court reporting and the legal system. If you’re interested in what we do, or are interested in learning more about depositions and other legal procedures, you should [...]

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